Welcome to The Dancing Elf


Discover an Accessible Comox Valley

"The Dancing Elf" was created to bring information forward about accessible areas in the Comox Valley, especially for persons with mobility challenges.
I love to join friends for coffee or a nosh, and it was getting hard having to struggle up that "only one step", or not having access to a washroom after a few cups of water, tea or coffee.
I wanted to have a place to acknowledge the business people who have taken the time, money and effort to make their place more inclusive for all of us.

Limitations of this site

I am limited in my ability to assess access, based on my use of a manual wheelchair. This means, that though I can gauge access for a small to 'regular' sized power chair, I don't know if a scooter, trike, or other device will get through as well. Also, I am not visually or hearing impaired and may take some things for granted. I invite you to assist in making this site appropriately inclusive for everyone by sending me feed back through an email message.
Though I will focus on the Comox Valley, there will be a few places I discover as I travel Vancouver Island. Have patience, and if you know of someplace you think I should check out contact me.
Together we can create a more inclusive community for everyone.

The fine print

This is not a professional or commercial site

I am simply a person who wishes to get information out about accessible places. I am not a marketer, professional assessor, business person, nor an expert. My assessments are based on my experiences and feed back from other interested persons. Your experience may be different. I invite you to contact me if you wish to give me your opinion. If your place of business is not listed and you know it is accessible either I don't know about it, or you assess accessibility in different ways than I do. Generally, my opinion is based on my experience using a manual wheelchair.

The clay dragon you see in the header of this webpage was created by Doug Flach. I picked it up at the Filberg Festival in Comox. It will be featured, in this web site, travelling around our community.