Comox Valley

Listing in alphabetical order, I will try to give a good selection of places to hang out and enjoy participating in our community. There are many wonderful restaurants in Comox Valley as listed on the Trip Advisor Comox Valley Restaurant Site. Most of these are wheelchair accessible – as in – a wheelchair can enter.
There are a few restaurant owners that chose to renovate their spaces to ensure accessibility and inclusion for their patrons. I celebrate this dedication! These businesses will have a little heart heart image in front of their listing.
There are a few restaurants that I could not get permission to list as accessible. I respect that decision.
Many changes have occurred in the last three years, call ahead before you go.
That said, it was requested that I list restaurants with washrooms that are accessible and note which ones are non-gendered, or have access for a companion or assistant to accommodate the different scenarios we find our selves in, whether to assist our parents,partners, children and others for whom assistance may be required... or for whom a gendered washroom brings discomfort for any reason.
For this request and reason I am listing those restaurants that are fully wheelchair accessible (including having accessible washrooms). To facilitate this, I came up with the following symbols:
This symbol 2 people denotes places that have washrooms which are available for a person with an assistant - such as a family washroom, or washroom which is not designated for anyone or gender in particular and is wheelchair accessible at the very least.
Please note, this is work in progress..

Accommodating some dietary concerns:
This symbol gluten free is a flag to note that this place serves gluten free menu items.
This symbol vegan is a flag to note that this place serves vegan menu items.

Black Creek


A & W - 1966 Guthrie Rd 250- 339- 9353 (also have drive-through )
2 people Avenue Bistro, 2064 Comox Avenue 250-890-9200
Bamboo Inn, 2040 Comox Avenue 250-339-3500
heart imagegluten free2 people The Compass Gallery and Gifts 1811 Comox Ave Unit 101 250-203-1880 Coffee and a nosh surrounded by art!
heart imagegluten free2 people The Flying Apron Cafe and Bakery 268 Anderton Rd. 236-655-6604
Black Fin Pub, 132 Port Augusta Street 250-339-5030
gluten free2 people Garlic and Pepper Eatery — 648 Anderton Rd. (at the Husky Station) 250-941-1111 — * temporarily closed *.
gluten free 2 people Komox Grind , #107 1811 Comox Avenue 250-339-2225 * temporarily closed*
heart image2 people Martine's Bistro in Comox, 1754 Beaufort Avenue 250-339-1199
gluten free Milano Coffee, 2016B Comox Ave 250-218-2270
heart imagegluten free 2 people Spice Hut - East Indian Cuisine , 1832 Comox Avenue 250-941-7444
Subway 101-1966A Guthrie Road, 250-339-6490
heart imagegluten free THE MILL COFFEE, 1761 Comox Avenue, 250-890-9015
vegangluten free 2 people Tidal Café, 146 Port Augusta Road 250-890-9537 ~ Breakfast and Lunch by the sea ~


Atlas Cafe, 250 6th Street 250-338-9838 (use men's washroom)
Bamboo Garden Restaurant, 1130 Cliffe Ave 250-871-8808
Bayside Cafe, #5, 2760 Cliffe Ave, 250-897-3838 (upper level is not accessible)
Bean Around the World Coffees, 379 -4th Street 250-338-9370 (use the men's washroom)
Bisque Restaurant, 307-B 14th Street 250-334-8564 (use women's washroom - has low seat)
Boston Pizza, 2633 Cliffe Avenue (Driftwood Mall) 250-334-2222
Dragon Elf at Royston Roasting Coffee Company Coffee House 2 people Cakebread Artisan Bakery, 368 5th Street 250-338-8211
2 people Cardero Coffee and Tea Company, 232 5th St 250-338-2519
Fluid Bar and Grill, 1175 Cliffe Ave 250-338-1500
heart image2 people Frankie Jos Bakery Cafe 501 4th Street, Courtenay 250-871-3349
gluten free 2 people Games and Grounds Coffee House #103 576 England Ave 250-871-1171
2 people Hot Chocolates, 368 5th Street 250-338-8211
2 people IL Falcone, 536-6th Street 250-871-7770
2 people Jo Klassen's Grill, #14 2401 Cliffe Avenue 250-338-5564
2 people Local Refillery and Coffee House, 420 Fitzgerald Ave 250-871-6600 (enjoy a cup of coffee while refilling your reuseable containers with organic fair trade goods)
Locals -Food from the Heart of the Island, 1760 Riverside Lane, 250-338-6493 (lower floor has the washrooms)
2 peopleMichael's Off Main, 355 4 St, 250-334-2071
2 people Mud Sharks Coffee Bar, 244-D 4th St 250-338-0939
Plates Eatery and Catering, 2601 Cliffe Avenue 250-334-8087
Poppers Cafe, 105- 501 4th Street 250-871-2296
Rhodos Coffee Roasting Company, #106 364 8th Street 250-338-5592
2 people White Spot Courtenay, 2299 Cliffe Avenue 250-338-8474
gluten free2 people Yummies and Gyros Greek Cafe 279 Puntledge Road. 250-338-2299
(caution - seat in washroom is low - use the hand rails)
2 people Zen Zero Juice Fountain and Salad Garden, 407B 5th Street 250-338-0571 (use washroom in hallway)


heart imageCumberland Brewing Company 2732 Dunsmuir Ave 250-400-BREW

Fanny Bay



heart imagegluten free vegan 2 people Royston Roasting Company Coffee House, 3904 Island Highway South, 250-650-0999 (Right next to the Royston Community Hall at the lights)
heart imagegluten free 2 people Roy's Towne Pub 4000 Island Highway South, Royston 250-898-8768

Union Bay

Together we can create a more inclusive community for everyone. I support local people who are actively working to achieve this.